Get in shape, have fun, and learn the most effective martial art in the world for self defense right in Ashland, Va.

   Many martial arts systems look effective but they are not. When it comes to self defense you don’t want to waste years of your life learning a system that doesn’t work. Gracie Jiu Jitsu has been proven to be the most humane system of self defense for the smaller weaker person to defend themselves against the much larger stronger opponent. 

   At WCMA we focus primarily on teaching self defense first and building a great foundation for personal protection. Our classes are fun, and family friendly. While keeping the focus on teaching  self defense and getting you in great shape. Our techniques we teach are easy to learn and easy to apply.

You will have fun working out again, you will gain great flexibility, and learn to protect yourself and others around you. Gracie jiu jitsu is an amazing martial art system that’s been proven for self defense.

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We proudly teach Gracie jiu jitsu classes for the Ashland, Hanover, Henrico, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, Richmond, Va areas. Call us for more info.